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Humanity needs a 'new story', societies need a new system and businesses require new, regenerative business models beyond sustainability.

We are a Startup looking to connect purpose driven businesses

to local, active learning communities with nature based projects.

The time has come to cross the threshold.


To encourage the co-creation of nature based learning environments for future change-makers.

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We are living in times of great chaos where it is becoming increasingly obvious that 20th century paradigms no longer serve us for 21st century challenges. The future of businesses and communities depends on the design and the creation of local, decentralised and regenerative ecosystems focused on collaboration rather than competition. It is our responsibility as leaders and educators to endow the next generation of change makers with the skills, resources and environment necessary to protect biodiversity and explore nature based solutions for future challenges.


We connect purpose driven businesses to local, nature based, educational projects.

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We believe that leadership has to be done with love. Businesses everywhere are redesigning themselves to survive and thrive in these times of great transformation. It is no longer enough to have a sustainability plan and 'do our bit' or 'save ourselves'. We are moving into times where we must act as a collective and collaborate in order to co-create on a local and decentralised level. Humanity is entering a critical new phase where Artificial Intelligence is redefining what skills we have to develop in our schools and communities to differentiate us from machines. Our platform gives companies who are looking to make a social impact, an opportunity to partner up with a local educational community that wants to make a difference for younger generations shifting into a new future.

We provide an opportunity for you to fund and assist in the creation of nature based learning environments in a way that resonates with your organisation's core values. Green Dragons facilitates this connection so that your CSR moves from being an 'agenda' into an integral and agile part of your company's culture.

We are currently in our piloting phase and would love to hear from you if you'd like to spearhead this project with us locally.


We believe that the key to happiness, health and abundance is harmony.

We understand that harmony is achieved when we are consciously aligned with our highest integrity.

We recognise that our highest integrity manifests as creativity and compassion.

We champion creativity and compassion as the essential building blocks of conscious and resilient communities.

We regard conscious and resilient communities as the pillars of a new earth.

We foresee that a new earth will thrive and depend on collaboration and not competition.

We pledge to defend human dignity, create purpose driven communities and help restore biodiversity on the planet.

We consider that all of the above can be achieved by re-connecting our children to nature.

We manifest a community focused future.

We intend to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Pilot project

As a start up in its seed phase we are currently piloting our ideas on the island of Gran Canaria in order to test what works and improve the prototype. We are choosing a small number of trusted organisations, companies and schools as pioneers to work alongside us on this project so that we can build a successful and scalable model.


Purpose Driven Businesses

The code of abundance, circular economy, earth friendly practices, net zero, social corporate responsibility, and public transparency...If this is how you roll but you want to go beyond 'agendas', this might just be what you've been waiting for...

Schools & Learning Communities

As an educator, you have a deep understanding of how rapidly our world is changing and how urgent it is to reconnect our children with nature and help them cultivate the skills they need for a very different future. Your vision is to create self sufficient, nature based learning environments for your school or community but you don't know where or how to begin...


You are an NGO or a small business with a mission and expertise in the areas of sustainability, biodiversity, waste management or environmental education. You would like to form part of a local ecosystem of conscious communities who are looking for the services that you provide.


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